Office Opening in London

Office Opening and Expert Debate "Polarisation of Antitrust" on 11 October 2022

E.CA Economics is expanding its European footprint and has opened new premises in Clerkenwell, London.

To mark the occasion, we will host an early evening discussion on 11 October 2022.

If you would like to follow the live event online, please reach out to us via


  • Prof Joe Farrell
    Partner at Bates White and Professor at the University of California, Berkeley, former Chief Economist at the US Federal Trade Commission, former Chief Economist at the US Department of Justice and former Chief Economist at the US Federal Communications Commission
  • Prof Amelia Fletcher
    Non-Executive Director of the Competition and Markets Authority Board, Professor of Competition Policy at Norwich Business School and Deputy Director at the Centre for Competition Policy, former Chief Economist at the Office of Fair Trading
  • Prof Lars-Hendrik Röller
    Director at E.CA Economics and Professor at the European School of Management and Technology, Berlin, former Chief Economist at the European Commission, DG Competition and Chief Economic Adviser to Angela Merkel
  • Dr Mike Walker
    Chief Economic Adviser at the Competition and Markets Authority


18.30-19.30 GMT    Has the US given up on antitrust, or did Europe never get used to competition?

A gap seems to be opening up between the US and Europe in enforcing anti-trust. Internal debates are also raging within Europe and the US on the right approach to tech corporations and vertical mergers amongst other issues. Is the US allowing new monopolies go unchecked? Or is Europe simply stifling new forms of competition?

                              Discussants: Prof Joe Farrell and Dr Mike Walker

19.45-20.45 GMT   Sustainability and antitrust – like oil and water?

DG Competition has committed to supporting efforts to tackle climate change. Meanwhile the UK Government has asked the CMA to investigate how sustainability could be promoted by competition policy. Can the authorities adapt competition policy to address sustainability? Or are these fundamentally incompatible policies?

                              Discussants: Prof Amelia Fletcher and Prof Lars-Hendrik Röller