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Strategic Thoughts on the Regulation of Mobile Termination Rates

Rainer NitscheSymposium Humboldt Universität Berlin: "Weichenstellung in der Mobilfunkregulierung", Berlin, September 2006

Keywords: regulation, telephony
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T-Mobile/tele. ring: analysing mavericks and efficiencies in "the first gap case".

Rainer NitscheCRA Competition Memo, July 2006

Keywords: telecommunications

The Economic Assessment of State Aid – How it can be done

Rainer NitscheAdvanced State Aid Seminar and Maastricht Forum on State Aid, Maastricht, June 2006

Keywords: Mobile Termination Rate Regulation

Selectivity, Economic Advantage, Distortion of Competition and Effect of Trade

Rainer NitschePenelope Papandropoulos, Denis Waelbroeck, IT-Tower Workshop, Brussels, June 2006

Keywords: competition, selectivity, trade

A Refined Economic Approach in European State Aid Control – The Art of Assessing Market Failures

Rainer Nitsche4th Annual Experts' Forum on New Developments in European State Aid Control, Brussels, March 2006

Keywords: market failure, state aid
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Wettbewerbsökonomische Analyse der Auswirkungen von Fusionen

Rainer NitscheRecht und Ökonomie im europäischen Wettbewerbsrecht, 53-70. In der Schriftenreihe Europäisches Recht, Politik und Wirtschaft; Bd.318, January 2006

Keywords: fusionen

State Aid Reform – Implications and Open Issues

Rainer NitscheBest Friends Law Firm Network, 21 February 2006, Brussels and 3rd Annual CRA Conference, Brussels, December 2005

Keywords: state aid
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Assessing Unilateral Effects in Bidding Markets: Mixed Progress

in: L. Hancher and P. Lugard (eds.), On the Merits, Current Issues in Competition Law and Policy (Liber Amicorum Peter Plompen), Intersentia, December 2005

Keywords: damage assessment, economic analysis

The Economic Approach regarding Innovation Aid

Rainer NitscheBerliner Gesprächskreis 7tes Treffen Aktionsplan "Staatliche Beihilfen", der ökonomische Ansatz; Innovation und FuE-Beihilfen, Berlin, December 2005

Keywords: Innovation aid

The Effect of State Aid on Competition

Rainer Nitsche3rd Annual ACE Conference, Copenhagen, December 2005

Keywords: competition