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Papers & reports

Are Anti-Predation Rules in the Public Interest?

Rainer NitscheCRA Competition Policy Discussion Paper 5, Charles River Associates Limited, September 2002

Keywords: anti-predation, competition, rules

The role of economists and economic evidence in merger investigations in the EU. ICN

Investigative Techniques for Merger Review, Washington DC, November 2002

Papers & reports

De roofprijzentest in de Deutsche Post AG zaak

Tijdschrift Privatisering, October 2002

Keywords: damage assessment, pricing
Papers & reports

Unilateral Effects in Retail Chain Mergers: An Application to Supermarkets

Andrea Coscelli, Simon Baker, European Competition Law Review 23 (4): 180-192, October 2002

Keywords: Mergers, retail competition

On the Effectiveness of Anti-Predation Rules

Rainer NitscheIUI Stockholm Research Institute of Industrial Economics, 10 December 2002, Stockholm / EEA (European Economic Association) Congress 2002, 22-24 August 2002, Venice / WZB Economic Seminar Series, Berlin, February 2002

Keywords: anti-predation, rules

Executive Summary of “The Economic Consequences of the Choice of a Regime of Exhaustion in the Area of Trademarks

NERA, London, February 1999. Reprinted in The Economics of Intellectual Property, International Library of Critical Writings in Economics, Towse and Holzbauer (eds.), Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 2002, January 2002

Papers & reports

Liberalisierung von Netzökonomien. Herausforderung für die Wettbewerbspolitik (Liberalizing Network Industries. A Challenge for Competition Policy)

Rainer NitscheIn Die Soziale Marktwirtschaft in der neuen Weltwirtschaft (WZB-Jahrbuch 2001), ed. L.-H Röller and C. Wey, 249-290. Fulda: Fuldaer Verlagsagentur.

Keywords: liberalisierung, netzökonomien
Papers & reports

General or Specific Competition Rules for Network Utilities?

Journal of Network Industries, 2: 93-111, October 2001

Keywords: competition policy
Papers & reports

Nach der Liberalisierung. Eine Herausforderung für die Wettbewerbspolitik (Competition after Liberalization. A challenge for competition policy).

Rainer NitscheWZB-Mitteilungen, 92, June 2001:12-15.

Keywords: competition policy, liberalisation
Papers & reports

Gezamenlijke marktmacht en het besluit inzake Airtours/FirstChoice

Simon Baker, Markt & Mededinging, 3(3), 89-95, June 2000

Keywords: Mergers