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Liberalisation in a Social Market Economy: Challenges for Competition Policy

Rainer NitscheWZB-Jahrbuchkonferenz, Berlin, December 2000

Keywords: competition, liberalisation
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Modeling Influence of Tax System on Economic Growth (in Russian)

Vilen LipatovCollection of Articles of Graduate students. Moscow, TEIS, November 2000

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Tax System in OLG Model of Endogenous Growth (in Russian)

Vilen LipatovCase Studies in Macroeconomics. Moscow, TEIS, November 2000

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Licence Contracts, Future Exchange Clauses, and Technological Competition

European Economic Review, 44: 1431-1448, October 2000

Keywords: competition law & economics

Incentives to Grow: Multimarket Firms and Predation

Rainer Nitsche27th EARIE (European Association for Research in Industrial Economics) Annual Conference, Lausanne, September 2000

Keywords: multimarket

Mergers & Acquisitions Lecture

Rainer NitscheSeminar im Auftrag von Professor Röller für das wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Hauptstudium an der Humboldt Universität Berlin, Wintersemester 2000, Berlin.

Keywords: acquisition, merger

Electrified? Liberalisation of European Electricity Markets

Rainer NitscheJean Monet Seminar im Auftrag von Professor Hubert für das wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Hauptstudium and der Freien Universität, Wintersemester 1999, Berlin

Keywords: electricity, liberalisation

Experiences with the Tendering Regime of London Buses

Rainer NitscheFHW Seminar "Umstrukturierung und Kommerzialisierung", Berlin, May 1999

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Executive Summary of “The Economic Consequences of the Choice of a Regime of Exhaustion in the Area of Trademarks”

John Rhys et al, NERA, London, February 1999

Reprinted in The Economics of Intellectual Property, International Library of Critical Writings in Economics, Towse and Holzbauer (eds.), Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 2002.

Keywords: economic analysis
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Liberalization and Privatization of London Transport

Rainer NitscheDVG Schriftenreihe, B213.

Keywords: liberalisation, privatisation