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Papers & reports

The Limits of Patent Protection, Essays on the Economics of Intellectual Property Rights

PhD Thesis, Maastricht: Maastricht University Press, September 1994

Keywords: economics
Papers & reports

The Effect of Novelty Requirements on Subsequent Innovations

Tinbergen Institute Research Bulletin, 4: 187-195, October 1992

Keywords: economic analysis
Papers & reports

Technologiebeleid in een economisch perspectief

Luc Soete, in R.T. Frambach en E.J. Nijssen (eds.), Technologie en Strategisch Management, Utrecht: Lemma, 1992, October 1992

Keywords: economic analysis
Papers & reports

GCR Insight – Handbook of Competition Economics 2020 – Germany overview

Hans W. Friederiszick, Simone Kohnz, and Rainer Nitsche contributed to the Competition Economics Handbook 2020 – Germany overview

To Germany overview pdf


Keywords: competition, competition law & economics