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The Economics of Sovereign Debt

Jakub KałuznyDr Lyndon Moore, The University of Melbourne, Australia, EE Publishing, 3 volume set, ISBN: 978 1 78536 057 2, 2016

“Bob Kolb has assembled this outstanding collection of research articles, which could have been called the Greatest Hits of Sovereign Debt. The future of all people on the planet depends heavily on understanding what really happens when governments borrow. Bringing the body of knowledge of this subject under this umbrella is a masterful and thankless achievement. – Don M. Chance, Louisiana State University, US”

“This expansive collection contains more than one hundred of the very best and most influential scholarly articles on the sovereign debt of central governments around the world. It features discussions of the debt of many emerging nations as well as the largest sovereign debtors in the world. Collectively, these articles provide a thorough understanding of sovereign debt as seen by the best economists from around the world. The extensive and in-depth introductory chapter also discusses each of the articles individually. This collection is an essential tool to libraries, academic institutions, economic scholars and students alike.”

The selection contains a paper by Lyndon Moore and Jakub Kaluzny : “Regime Change and Debt Default: The Case of Russia, Austro-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire following World War One”.

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Keywords: International Finance