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WWL Germany 2023: E.CA Stands Out With Three Listings

We are pleased to share that WWL Germany 2023 has once again singled out Hans W. FriederiszickRainer Nitsche and Simone Kohnz – our E.CA Economics directors – as having a first-class reputation as competition economists. We always strive to perform strongly and thus respond to the trust of our clients, colleagues and peers.

Who’s Who Legal says about us:

Hans Friederiszick garners plaudits from market respondents for his well-established practice which sees him advise clients on a range of cartel and merger disputes.

Rainer Nitsche has amassed a wealth of experience navigating clients through complex competition matters, particularly when it comes to cartels and abuse of dominance.

Simone Kohnz is a leading figure in the German market thanks to her first-rate work testifying on a wide range of competition matters and multijurisdictional experience.

Many thanks for the cooperation and support!

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