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Papers & reports

Non-horizontal mergers with investments into compatibility

Gregor LangusVilen Lipatov, Jorge Padilla, CESifo Working Paper Series, April 2019

Papers & reports

Use of impact studies in merger control

Alexis WalckiersLiber Amicorum Jarig Van Sinderen, Autoriteit Consument en Markt: 21-23, April 2019


Course on the economics of digital platforms

Gregor LangusBarcelona Graduate School of Economics,, April 2019

Papers & reports

Italy Must Foster High Growth Industries

Anselm MattesStefan Gebauer, Alexander S. Kritikos, Alexander Kriwoluzky, Malte Rieth, DIW Weekly Report, DIW Berlin, German Institute for Economic Research, vol. 9(7/8/9), pages 65-74, 2019, February 2020

Papers & reports

GCR Insight – Handbook of Competition Economics 2019 – Germany overview

Hans W. FriederiszickSimone KohnzRainer NitscheGCR Insight, 2018 Law Business Research Ltd, ISBN:978-78915-106-0, October 2018

Hans W. Friederiszick, Simone Kohnz, Rainer Nitsche contributed to the Competition Economics Handbook 2019 – Germany overview – which is now live on GCR Insight.

To Germany overview pdf

To GCR’s Competition Economics Handbook 2019

Papers & reports

Ex Post State Aid Evaluation in Environmental Aid

Hans W. FriederiszickElżbieta GłowickaLinda GratzSimone Lünenbürger, Andreas Rosenfeld, European State Aid Law Quarterly 4/2018 (Vol. 17), 509 - 524, October 2018

Market Power and Spatial Arbitrage between Interconnected Gas Hubs

Albert Banal-EstanolOlivier Massol (IFP-Energies Nouvelles), Energy Journal, Vol. 39 (2), 2018, pp. 67-95, 2018

Gigabit Access: Germany Lags behind in International Comparison but Demand Is Low

Anselm MattesYann Girard,  Claus Michelsen, DIW Weekly Report, DIW Berlin, German Institute for Economic Research, vol. 8(25/26), pages 219-229, 2018

Papers & reports

Enrollment and Degree Completion in Higher Education without Admission Standards

Frank VerbovenKoen Declercq, Economics of Education Review, 66, 223-244, October 2018


Competition Assessment in Digital Markets – Digital Platforms

Gregor LangusSlovenian Competition Day, Ljubljana, September 2018