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Ex-post Evaluation of Vertical Mergers

Rafael AignerBas DessensVedika HegdeNicola HeuselAlena KozakovaRaphaël PoncetMichael RauberGiulia SantosuossoIgnacio Balaguer Lopez, Competition and Market Authority, March 2022

A review by E.CA Economics of the CMA’s assessment of vertical theories of harm in four merger clearance decisions.

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Papers & reports

Reverse Privatization as a Reaction to the Competitive Environment: Evidence from Solid Waste Collection in Germany

Hans W. FriederiszickJuri DemuthS. Reinhold, Review of Industrial Organization 60, 217–261, October 2022
Papers & reports

Using Compensating Efficiencies to Assess EU Merger Policy

Pauline AffeldtTomaso Duso, Klaus Gugler, Joanna Piechucka, Vox EU, January 2022
Papers & reports

Competitors’ Reactions to Big Tech Acquisitions: Evidence from Mobile Apps

Pauline AffeldtReinhold Kesler, DIW Discussion Paper, DP 1987, December 2021
Papers & reports

Assessing EU Merger Control through Compensating Efficiencies

Pauline AffeldtTomaso Duso, Klaus Gugler, Joanna Piechucka, CEPR Discussion Papers, DP 16705, November 2021
Papers & reports

Collusion among Autonomous Pricing Algorithms Utilizing Function Approximation Methods

Malte JeschonneckDICE, discussion paper, Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf, August 2021

Papers & reports

Estimating Demand with Multi-Homing in Two-Sided Markets

Pauline AffeldtElena Argentesi, Lapo Filistrucchi, DIW Discussion Paper, DP 1965, August 2021
Papers & reports

Big Tech Acquisitions – Towards Empirical Evidence

Pauline AffeldtReinhold Kesler, Journal of European Competition Law & Practice, Volume 12, Issue 6, Pages 471-478, June 2021
Papers & reports

Marktkonzentrationstrend steigt in Dienstleistungsmärkten deutlich

Pauline AffeldtTomaso Duso, Klaus Gugler, Joanna Piechucka, DIW Wochenbericht, DIW Berlin, German Institue for Economic Research, Volume 88, Issue 20, Pages 339-347, May 2021
Papers & reports

Concentration in the EU: Where It is Increasing and Why

Pauline AffeldtTomaso Duso, Klaus Gugler, Joanna Piechucka, Promarket, May 2021