Effective and timely advice, based on robust economic analysis.

We contribute substantial value for our clients by providing tailor-made advice built on thorough economic analyses. We deliver robust results and a clear exposition.

E.CA Economics is a renowned European economics consultancy that builds its case-related advice in the fields of competition policy and regulation on thorough research.

With our international team of over 25 professional economists, five of whom have been nominated by the Who’s Who Competition Economist as outstanding experts, we covered projects in more than ten jurisdictions last year.
As a partner of ESMT Berlin, a leading business school in Germany, we can draw on the latest economic research. On transatlantic cases we work jointly with our US partner firm, Bates White LLC.

E.CA Economics has been named in Global Competition Review’s annual ranking of the top 20 competition economics groups since 2008.

About us

“Nowadays, rigorous empirical and analytical work – developing a sound conceptual framework, identifying strategies, plain visualisation and robust econometrics – are key factors of success. Being part of a team which excels at all of those dimensions is exciting.”

Hans W. Friederiszick, Director

“E.CA is an economic powerhouse: we produce solid and convincing analysis within demanding time frames. I am proud that we have positioned E.CA Economics in the high-quality segment for economic consulting – this reputation gives our work extra weight.”

Rainer Nitsche, Director

“If you are interested in applying rigorous economic analysis to competition questions, E.CA Economics is the place to be. I got involved in challenging and exciting cases from the beginning. By now I have provided economic advice in all fields of competition law.”

Linda Gratz, Principal

“When applying at E.CA, I was attracted by the combination of economic research with a true understanding of its areas of expertise. During my time here the appreciation for the company, my colleagues and the work environment has only deepened.”

Valeria Plata Franco, Economist

“Economists at E.CA combine scientific rigour with a drive to work on relevant problems and find practical solutions. This makes E.CA a great place to work and adds real value for our clients.”

Rafael Aigner, Senior Economist

News & Events

E.CA Economics
16 January 2019 | News
3rd Annual W@Competition Conference

Alia Schweiger and Linda Gratz will be participating in the 3rd Annual W@Competition Conference that will be held on 21st February 2019 at The Hotel, Brussels.

The one-day conference will feature a number of renowned and yet to be discovered competition professionals from enforcement authorities, in-house, private practice and competition economics.

Link to the event

10 January 2019 | News
Workshop: Re-municipalisation of municipal services in Europe and US: a trend or a hype?

Hans. W. Friederiszick and Steffen Reinhold will participate in the workshop that will be held at the University of Amsterdam on 14th January 2019.

Steffen Reinhold will be presenting during Session II: Ideological and Political Motives in Reverse Privatization: Evidence from Solid Waste Collection in Germany. The presentation investigates whether and to what extent ideological and political motives drive reverse privatisation, or whether it is an efficient reaction to contracting problems in the private sector. If reverse privatisation was driven largely by ideological or political motives instead of efficiency considerations there would be potentially societal costs attached to providing services in-house. Distinguishing between ideological and political motives also sheds light on the question whether the recent trends towards in-house provision reflect the preferences of the electorate and the municipal decision makers or the preferences of smaller interest groups such as local entrepreneurs or public sector employees. While there is little support for the notion that political ideology is a main driver of reverse privatisation, there is evidence that interest groups are important determinants of the choice of mode of service provision.

10 January 2019 | News
Promotions 2019

We are proud to announce the following promotions – Bas Dessens, Principal; Rafael Aigner, Manager; Christoph von Muellern, Manager; Sefan Witte, Manager; Brecht Boone, Senior Economist; Harm van Leeuwen, Senior Economist. Congratulations – great success!