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The Economic Impact of the DMA: Evidence from Big Tech Acquisitions in the App Industry

Pauline AffeldtPresentation at the Women@CompetitionDE Talk, Berlin, March 2024
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Digital Empires Reinforced? Generative AI Value Chain

Elżbieta GłowickaJan MálekNetwork Law Review, March 2024

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Generative AI
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The role of economic analyses in the enforcement of European antitrust law

Hans W. FriederiszickRafael AignerPublished by Prof Helmuth Schröter, Robert Klotz und Bernhard von Wendland at Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, European Competition Law, Third Edition, March 2024

Our director Hans W. Friederiszick and associate principal Rafael Aigner contributed the chapter “The role of economic analyses in the enforcement of European antitrust law”.

This reference work for competition law covers the entire field of antitrust and merger law with all procedural rules, enriched with commentaries and interpretations by relevant experts.

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Impact assessment support study for the review of the Community guidelines on State aid for railway undertakings

Elżbieta GłowickaVedika HegdeMalte JeschonneckAnselm MattesLuca RancatiFrancesca UrziMargaux Gabriel, Gabriele Dente, Salvatore Nava, Elena Salomone, David Deller, Sean F. Ennis, Bryn Enstone, Ana Alvarez Vidal, Nour el-Houda Bey, Michael Hofmann, Robert Klotz, European Commission, March 2023
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Pension funding and the cross section of stock returns – The case of Germany

Nicola Heusel(with F. Mager), Volume 150, Journal of Banking & Finance, May 2023
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The over-education wage penalty among PhD holders: a European perspective

Giulia SantosuossoLoredana Cultrera, François Rycx and Guillaume Vermeylen, Education Economics, November 2023

Education Economics, DOI:10.1080/09645292.2023.2277120

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Review of the CMA’s Approach to Vertical Mergers

Bas DessensAlena KozakovaVedika HegdeNicola HeuselCPI Antitrust Chronicle, October 2023

Keywords: Mergers
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Moderating Globalization: Is there a role for Antitrust Law? A comparison of the relevance of entry, expansion and imports in US and EU merger proceedings

Paul FriederiszickWorld Competition Volume 46, Issue 2 (2023) pp. 163-188, World Competition, June 2023

Presentation on the topic „Does inflation weaken competition?” at the annual international Pros and Cons conference.

Linda GratzStockholm, May 2023

Here is the link to the Pros and Cons conference on Fighting Inflation with Competition Policy.

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GCR Enforcer Hub – Germany: economist perspective

Nadine FabritzLinda GratzAlia SchweigerGlobal Competition Review, November 2022