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GCR Insight – Handbook of Competition Economics 2019 – Germany overview

Hans W. FriederiszickSimone KohnzRainer NitscheGCR Insight, 2018 Law Business Research Ltd, ISBN:978-78915-106-0, October 2018

Hans W. Friederiszick, Simone Kohnz, Rainer Nitsche contributed to the Competition Economics Handbook 2019 – Germany overview – which is now live on GCR Insight.

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Ex Post State Aid Evaluation in Environmental Aid

Hans W. FriederiszickElżbieta GłowickaLinda GratzSimone Lünenbürger, Andreas Rosenfeld, European State Aid Law Quarterly 4/2018 (Vol. 17), 509 - 524, October 2019


Market definition in multi-sided markets

Vincent VeroudenERA Training for National Judges, Budapest, Hungary, June 2018

Vincent Verouden presented at the Antitrust Enforcement in Digital Markets: Training for National Judges. Enforcement in the framework of Article 101 TFEU, in Budapest on 4-5 June 2018.


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Recent economic applications in EU merger control: UPP and beyond

More than a decade since the introduction of the ‘significant impediment to effective competition’ test (SIEC test) in the EU, refined economic methods have become increasingly relevant to the evaluation of mergers. This paper addresses three of the more important assessment methods in this context: the UPP (upward pricing pressure) method, the analysis of ‘natural experiments’ and the analysis of bidding data.

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Keywords: bidding data, economic analysis, market definition, merger contro, natural experiments, SIEC - Test, UPP
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Environmental State aid – study for the German ministry on ex-post evaluation

Linda GratzMichael RauberHans W. FriederiszickUmweltbundesamt, ISSN 1862-4804, Dessau-Roβlau, May 2018

The EU Commission recently introduced new obligations for the ex-post evaluation of State aid schemes for member states. To prepare for upcoming submissions to the Commission the German Federal Ministry for the Environment and the associated Environmental Agency engaged E.CA Economics (Dr. Hans W. Friederiszick, Dr. Linda Gratz, Dr. Michael Rauber, Dr. Daniel Streitz) and the law firm Redeker Sellner Dahs (Dr. Simone Lünenbürger, Dr. Gero Ziegenhom, Dr. Andreas Rosenfeld, Dr. Ulrich Karpenstein) for an interdisciplinary research project on ex-post evaluations of environmental aid. To assess the probability with which the Commission would request an ex-post evaluation of an environmental State aid scheme, the team designed a novel warning system. Moreover, a roadmap helping to steer the organisation, scope and timing of an ex-post evaluation by the ministry was developed. The most important methodical issues when carrying out an ex-post evaluation were explained using examples of environmental aid schemes. The legal analysis included the data-protection framework and the requirements regarding the expert`s independency for upcoming ex-post evaluations.

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Keywords: state aid
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Reverse privatization as a reaction to the competitive environment: Evidence from solid waste collection in Germany

Juri DemuthHans W. FriederiszickSteffen ReinholdESMT Working Paper 18-02, SSRN, RePEc, EconStor, April 2018

Juri Demuth, Hans W. Friederiszick and Steffen Reinhold have published a working paper exploring the motives for reverse privatisation of the provision of solid waste collection services by German municipalities. Using a unique panel data set the authors show that municipalities do not only react to cost advantages of private companies but also to the competitive environment.

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Keywords: Competition law enforcement, Local privatisation, Logit regression, Mergers, State-owned enterprises
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Margin squeeze: Recent developments in EU and national case law

Theon van DijkLinda Gratze-Competitions Bulletin Margin squeeze, Art. N° 86350, April 2018

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Schweizer Volksentscheid: Öffentlicher Rundfunk überholt?

Rafael AignerHeidelberg : Springer - Wirtschaftsdienst. - ISSN 1613-978X. - Vol. 98.2018, 3, p. 156-157, March 2018

Keywords: No billag popular initiative, public broadcasting
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Digitale Infrastruktur: Glasfaser dringend erforderlich!

Rafael AignerLars Handrich, Heidelberg : Springer - Wirtschaftsdienst. - ISSN 1613-978X. - Vol. 97.2017, 3, p. 157-158, March 2017

Keywords: broadband, next generation access network, telecommunication
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Es gibt weiterhin ökonomische Argumente für einen öffentlichen Rundfunk

Rafael AignerAnselm Mattes Ferdinand Pavel, Wirtschaftsdienst : Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftspolitik. - Heidelberg : Springer, ISSN 1613-978X, ZDB-ID 2079503-8. - Vol. 97.2017, 1, p. 45-52, January 2017

Recent economic literature criticises the size and mandate of public broadcasting in Germany. Technological progress has changed the methods of producing and distributing broadcasting content. Traditional broadcasting and print media have converged in a digital environment. Some of the classical arguments for publicly funded broadcasting have become invalid. This article argues that the converging media markets are nonetheless characterised by ongoing market failures, mostly because of positive external effects created by public value content. Markets will underprovide such content, which is why they should be publicly funded. We discuss the scope and form of public broadcasting and conclude that there are still economic reasons for dedicated public service broadcasters to exist.

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Keywords: external effects, public broadcasting, public goods