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Regulatory Reform and Competition Policy” and “Science and Technology Policy

Theon van DijkGeorge Gelauff, Chapters in: Challenging Neighbours, Rethinking Institutions in Germany and the Netherlands, Springer Verlag, March 1997

Keywords: competition policy
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Wege zur effizienten Organisation des öffentlichen Personennahverkehrs. Optionen für die kommunalen gebietskörperschaften

Rainer NitschePrice Waterhouse Brochure.

Keywords: public transportation

Market Structure in a Liberalised Postal Market

Rainer NitscheGastvortrag im Seminar "Wettbewerb und Regulierung in Europa", Prof. Dr. Tomann, FU-Berlin, Berlin, 22 January 1999, 9 May 1997, November 1996

Keywords: market structure, postal market
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Patent Height and Competition in Product Improvements

Theon van DijkJournal of Industrial Economics 44: 151-167, June 1996

Keywords: competition
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Economic Implications of Converging Patent Breadth in Europe

Theon van DijkPatrick Van Cayseele, in John Hagedoorn (ed.), Technical Change and the World Economy, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, October 1995

Keywords: impact
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Innovation Incentives through Third-Degree Price Discrimination in a Model of Patent Breadth

Theon van DijkEconomics Letters, 47: 431-435, March 1995

Reprinted in: The Economics of Price Discrimination, International Library of Critical Writings in Economics, George Norman (ed.), Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 1999.

Keywords: predatory pricing
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Naar een economische theorie van imperfecte octrooibescherming

Theon van DijkVraagstelling, 1(4): 95-102, October 1994

Keywords: economics
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The Limits of Patent Protection, Essays on the Economics of Intellectual Property Rights

Theon van DijkPhD Thesis, Maastricht: Maastricht University Press, September 1994

Keywords: economics
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The Effect of Novelty Requirements on Subsequent Innovations

Theon van DijkTinbergen Institute Research Bulletin, 4: 187-195, October 1992

Keywords: economic analysis
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Technologiebeleid in een economisch perspectief

Theon van DijkLuc Soete, in R.T. Frambach en E.J. Nijssen (eds.), Technologie en Strategisch Management, Utrecht: Lemma, 1992, October 1992

Keywords: economic analysis