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European Competition Law Tuesdays

Our Director, Alexis Walckiers, spoke at the European Competition Law Tuesdays of the Institute for European Studies, ULB (IEE-ULB) of the Université libre de Bruxelles, organised by Jean-Francois Bellis and Denis Waelbroeck.

Alexis spoke about abuse of economic dependence, an additional enforcement instrument for a number of competition agencies in Europe. He reflected on how this instrument has been used in various countries and raise a number of economic questions, in particular, related to recent calls to use it more extensively against alleged abuses of platforms.

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Past events

22 November 2022 | Events News
TSE Career Fair 2022

Are you a master student at the Toulouse School of Economics? Are you passionate about competition economics? Then get ready, mark November 25th in your calendar and join the E.CA Economics experts at the TSE career fair.

During the TSE career fair, you will:
9.30 Meet our E.CA team on site and have a chat
14.45 Learn about E.CA‘s vision for research-based consulting and why we focus on fostering team spirit and empathetic project management

One day ahead, November 24th, E.CA’s senior economist Vedika Hegde and economist Raphaël Poncet will also lead a workshop on ex-post evaluation of a number of vertical mergers in the UK to the Economics and Competition Law students at the TSE.

16 November 2022 | Events News
2022 Annual ACE Conference

E.CA’s experts will contribute to the annual high-profile case panels at the Association of Competition Economics (ACE) conference on 17-18 November in Lisbon. The organisers have put together great program and sessions ahead, where you can find our director Alexis Walckiers as a moderator on “Dutch investigation into retail and wholesale markets for fixed telecommunication services.” And our associate principal  as a discussant along with Marcel Balz and Heiko Karle on how to define local markets for grocery retail stores based on the controversial sale of the REAL stores in Germany to Kaufland and Edeka.

Check the programme here:
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12 October 2022 | Events News
Office Opening in London
Office Opening and Expert Debate “Polarisation of Antitrust” on 11 October 2022

E.CA Economics is expanding its European footprint and has opened new premises in Clerkenwell, London. To mark the occasion, we hosted an interactive expert debate. The event brought together prominent academics, policymakers, lawyers and economists from around the globe to discuss differing perspectives on competition enforcement.

During the first panel discussion, Amelia Fletcher and Lars-Hendrik Röller explored with Bas Dessens the relationship between competition policy and sustainability, discussing the role of firms, investors and the government in a push for competitive markets overall that have the potential to provide sustainable choices for consumers in the long-run. This view was also carefully complemented with cautious take on the extent to which certain types of green investments work, along with discussions on the optimal level of tax revenues used in funding such initiatives.

Further, on the second panel discussion that was moderated by Alena Kozakova, our speakers Joseph Farrell and Mike Walker focused on the debate between over-enforcement and under-enforcement in antitrust policy. While on the one hand, the role of decision theory and the increased need for simpler economic analysis is observed, on the other hand, some ideas that could explain under-enforcement were discussed.  In particular, the role of mistreatment of uncertainty, failure to appreciate that competition drives innovation and finally, a careful review of the firm’s incentives could explain why there is under-enforcement in the economy.

Watch the panels on “Polarisation of Antitrust” on YouTube:

4 June 2019 | Events
E.CA Economics New Brussels Office Opening Event

To mark the occasion of our new office location in Brussels, on 4th June 2019, E.CA Economics organised a late afternoon workshop on the Role of Economic Evidence in Competition Cases, followed by a cocktail reception.

Four speakers highlighted various aspects of this theme. Frank Verboven (professor, KU Leuven) compared the predictions of an ex-ante merger simulation model which was used in a Swedish investigation with an ex-post study of the effects of that same merger. Alexis Walckiers (Chief Economist, Belgian Competition Authority) set out the Belgian competition system and explained how the authority makes use of economic evidence. The third speaker, Andriani Kalintiri (Lecturer in Law, City Law School, University of London) spoke about evidence standards in EU competition enforcement, distinguishing between ‘by effects’ analysis and ‘by object’ analysis. Finally, Tommaso Valletti (Chief Economist, DG Competition, European Commission) explained his views on the collection and presentation of economic evidence in cases before DG Competition, and the scope for using rebuttable presumptions.

1 October 2018 | Events
E.CA Competition Law & Economics Expert Forum – keynotes by Valletti and Mundt

1 October 2018, Berlin

This year, the E.CA Expert Forum, organised jointly with ESMT Berlin, focussed on two themes, Digital Markets and Merger Control.

Tommaso Valletti, chief economist at DG Competition, and Andreas Mundt, president of the Bundeskartellamt, were holding the keynote speeches, providing an insight on their views on competition enforcement in digital markets and current and future merger control.

Mike Walker, chief economist of the UK Competition and Markets Authority, presented on Digital Pricing and Algorithms and contributed to the Digital Markets panel. Arno Rasek, chief economist of the Bundeskartellamt, presented a new method for regional market definition and contributed to the merger panel, alongside with Giulio Federico from the Chief Economist Team of the European Commission.

In total, Chief Economists from five competition authorities were part of the panel or in the audience. Authority representatives from 13 different countries had registered for the Expert Forum, contributing to valuable discussions during the various sessions and panels.

We would like to thank all speakers and participants for having contributed to this event!

E.CA Competition Law & Economics Expert Forum, Brussels
31 May 2017 | Events
E.CA Competition Law & Economics Expert Forum, Brussels

5th E.CA Competition Law and Economics Expert Forum
31 May 2017 in Brussels

This half-day conference offered insights into recent developments in competition law and economics with a special focus on market definition for merger and antitrust purposes.

As 2017 marked the 20th anniversary of the EU Notice on Market Definition some of the “classic” methods and issues related to market definition were reviewed. The conference also looked ahead at new questions arising in the era of fast-moving digital markets and two-sided platforms.

E.CA Competition Law & Economics Expert Forum - Berlin, April 2016
15 April 2016 | Events
E.CA Competition Law & Economics Expert Forum – Berlin, April 2016

4th E.CA Competition Law & Economics Expert Forum

15 April 2016 in Berlin organised together with ESMT

This conference offered insights into developments in competition law and economics, from both a German and a European perspective. The sessions addressed practitioners, enforcers and academics from the legal and economic fields. This year, the Expert Forum focussed on the ex-post evaluation of competition enforcement, private litigation, the interaction between competition policy and innovation, and Internet economics.

View the programme of the Expert Forum here.

Download the presentations:

Cartel Dating, Prof. Dr. Maarten Pieter Schinkel, University of Amsterdam and ACLE

Cartels, and Economics, Massimo Motta, University Pompeu Fabra & Barcelona GSE, European Commission

E-commerce and EU Competition Law, Szilvia Szekely, DG Competition, European Commission

Ex-post Evaluation of Competition Law Enforcement. Effects on German Waste Packaging Markets, Arno Rasek, Bundeskartellamt

Mergers and innovation. Firm-level evidence, Joel Stiebale, DICE, Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf

Registered Cartels in Austria – An Overview, Philipp Schmidt-Dengler, University of Vienna, CEPR, CESifo, Wifo, ZEW

The effect of retail mergers on variety: An ex-post evaluation, Tomaso Duso, DIW Berlin, DICE, BCCP

The Internet – Challenges for Competition Policy, Markus Reisinger, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

What can merger retrospectives tell us? An assessment of EU mergers, Peter Ormosi, Center for Competition Policy, University of East Anglia

E.CA Economics Expert Forum - Brussels, May 2015
8 May 2015 | Events
E.CA Economics Expert Forum – Brussels, May 2015

3rd E.CA Competition Law and Economics Expert Forum
8 May 2015 in Brussels

This half-day conference on digital dominance focussed on “How to deal with Internet giants”.
It offered an overview of and insight into recent developments in competition law and economics in the digital economy. The focus was on the emerging market power of large Internet-based platforms in media, search and online distribution, and on the competition policy issues this raised.

View the programme here.


Download the presentations:

E.CA Competition Law and Economics Expert Forum: Digital Dominance? – Julia Holtz, Director, Competition, Google

EU competition law remedies in Digital Markets – Thomas Kramler, Deputy Head of Unit, European Commission, DG Competition

Digital Dominance – Robert Mahnke, Global Competition Counsel, eBay

Remedies – Is there anything we can do about it? – David Walsh, General Counsel, GSMA

Notes – Achim Wambach, Member of the German Monopolkommission

Digital Dominance – is there anything we can do ? – Lars Wiethaus, Director, E.CA Economics

E.CA Economics Expert Forum - Berlin
14 March 2014 | Events
E.CA Economics Expert Forum – Berlin

2nd E.CA Competition Law and Economics Expert Forum
14 March 2014 in Berlin with a special focus on cartels

This all-day conference offered a broad overview of and insight into recent developments in competition law and economics, both from a German and a European perspective. The general section of the conference addressed topics such as merger cases, RPM and future developments in antitrust economics. Given the increasing number of cartel cases under private litigation a special focus was set on the topic of cartel enforcement in the second half of the conference, with a policy round table discussing policy issues regarding the detection, prosecution and litigation of cartels and other sessions addressing topics like the economics of collusion and presumptions, quantification and the pass-on effect.

View the programme here.

Download the presentations:

E.CA Economics Summer Reception - Brussels
25 June 2013 | Events
E.CA Economics Summer Reception – Brussels

E.CA Economics Summer Reception 25 June 2013, Brussels

Joseph Farrell, Professor of economics at the University of California, Berkeley, former Director of the Bureau of Economics at the Federal Trade Commission and now partner with Bates White spoke about the coordinated and unilateral effects of mergers at E.CA’s summer reception in Brussels on 25 June 2013.

E.CA Economics Expert Forum - Brussels
12 October 2012 | Events
E.CA Economics Expert Forum – Brussels

E.CA Economics Expert Forum

Pricing Strategies and Competition Law & Economics
12 October 2012, Hotel Le Châtelain, Brussels

Pricing strategies are one of the most hotly debated areas of competition law and economics. With firms facing tighter financial constraints and policymakers shifting focus to end consumer goods, pricing-related dominance cases are in their heyday. But in which circumstances is a low-price strategy pro-competitive; where is it anti-competitive? Do margin squeeze provisions offer an easy way to catch offenders? Do we need excessive pricing cases for collectively dominant firms as a complement to cartel investigations? And what is the Commission’s policy regarding vertical price restraints such as retail price maintenance or most favoured nation clauses? These questions were discussed with a high-level panel of policy stakeholders and economists.

View the programme here.

Download the presentations here: